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Dobbins Heights Town History


This town is located north of the City of Hamlet and it's formerly known as "North Yard" which was named by early settlers. Pastor Jim Dobbins owned a great deal of the area a long with Pastor and Mrs. Daniel and Rebecca Jackson. Early settelers included "the Dobbins" and "the Bentons." Andrew Benton was first Superintendent of First Baptist Church in Hamlet located on West Avenue. Other families were the Ingrams, Strongs, Meekins, Smiths, and Robinsons. Across the railroad tracks were Gordons, Georges, Turners, and Townsends along with McLendons and Dockerys. The first air field in the County was located in "North Yard" area on land leased from Jackson estate. The first churches in the area were Freewill Baptist Church and Little Bethel, a Methodist Church started by "Mr. Ralph David". The African-Americans of Hamlet recognized a need for schooling for their children above the graded school. Pee Dee Association, established the Pee Dee Academy, which was referred to as the "Pee Dee Institute." The land was purchased by the Board of Trustees from the Brown estate. School term was six months. Subjects that were taught included Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Foreign Language. The first principal was Pastor J. Hines of First Baptist Church of Hamlet. The boarding school is still being used as of today by the "Pee Dee Association." Dobbins Heights Improvement Association approved a  federal grant for the community which allowed to obtain better water lines in the area. Dobbins Heights Awareness Day under the leadership of "Gracie Jackson" and "Texas Mial" was organized to pay the lights on "Hailey Ferry Road" it was held from 1976 to 1984. In  1983 a House Bill 395 was introduced to the legislative body of North Carolina by Representative "Hugh Lee" of Rockingham petitioning for the community to become the "Town of Dobbins Heights." In the year of 1984 the voters of Dobbins Heights went to vote for the incorporation of Dobbin Heights. On May 8, 1984 out of the registered voters of 544, 272 people voted for incorporation with 46 dissented votes. Richmond County Board of Election stated the town lacked enough votes. However, it was incorporated as the "Town of Dobbins Heights" using the Mayor-Council system, the newly-elected officers included: "Mr. Halbert Jackson Mayor "and "Mrs. Channie McManus", "Mr. Paul McLendon", "Mr. B.F. Diggs " and "Mr. Robert Broady" as Councilpersonels. 


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