Our Mission At Our Community Center

Our mission is to bring UNITY back into the CommUNITY,which means bringing forth events that will promote fellowship.We desire to also market the Town of Dobbins Heights, as well as Dobbins Heights Community Center. In marketing the Town, the objective is to generate revenue through our events that we host, and programs that we establish that targets all of our people based on the needs of the community. We are a town with a population of 875 citizens. We are a predominately African American town (84.64%), with Whites rating 10.62% and two or more races rate 1.96%. Our programs consists of Self Defense Classes, Exercise Programs, Group Therapy, Health and Wellness education, Parenting classes etc. The Dobbins Heights Community Center is a place where everyone can come together in a safe & clean environment to network, present their gifts at various events (explore who they are), build a life that can change someone else's, and get people actively involved in truly living in a community.  We desire to create an environment where children can be free to be children. A place where they can grow intellectually and physically. We desire to bring the community together to a place where we are all helping one another and work together in order to make a difference.

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